Leaflet Holders for the Take-Away Food Industry

It seems that we are all living busier lives than ever, with longer working hours and far less precious time to do not only the fun stuff, but in fulfilling our basic requirement to put a home-made, healthy evening meal in our stomachs, so that we’re better equipped for the next day’s challenges. Hence, it will be of no surprise to most that the UK has the largest fast-food and take-away market in Europe, double the size of Germany and three times the size of the French market.

There is a huge array of fast-food/take-away foods available, such as sandwiches, burgers, pizza, kebabs, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, fried chicken, fish and chips and other ethnic foods e.g. Thai, Mexican, and it is not only the large chains vying for your business, but also many small independents all competing for a piece of the already saturated market.

In such a competitive industry, where often food is ordered on impulse over the telephone, it is vitally important that businesses have clear marketing strategies that promote their food stuffs to the consumer, in the effort of increasing sales. The most common sales strategy for fast-food and take-away businesses is in the form of a menu, volume produced in leaflet form, which is usually posted by hand door-to-door, included within the order bag, and displayed in-shop for customers to take-away with them and, hopefully, keep for repeat reference and order.

When displaying leaflet holders and menu’s in-shop, quality acrylic leaflet holders, usually in free-standing counter-top standard form, are the most cost effective, simple solution. Acrylic is the perfect material for fabricating leaflet holders as it is relatively inexpensive, light, is transparent and can be easily formed into specific shapes and sizes.