Room Service with Tasteful DL Leaflet Holders

Hotel rooms, from budget to five star accommodation, cater for the needs of a wide variety of people and for a number of purposes. Some will book a room for business, usually during the week or on a Sunday night, while others look to make a weekend of it perhaps for a romantic break for two or a getaway for the whole family. But no matter the reason, most hotels will be keen to offer as many additional in-room services as possible, be it an early morning wake-up call or alarm service, evening turn-down service, laundry service or a mini bar with snacks of chocolates and peanuts.

Yet, perhaps the most frequently used in-room service, is that of the in-room food service where a range of food stuffs covering breakfast through to supper may be ordered from the comfort of your bed or lounge chair, with the stress dissolving knowledge that it will be delivered to your door by a member of hotel staff within the hour, giving you plenty of time to decide your evening’s viewing from the television listings and soak away the stresses of the day in a deep bubble bath.

Hotels display room-service menus most often using DL leaflet holders, either acrylic or Perspex fabricated. Additionally, it may be beneficial to display other media using plastic leaflet holders, such as local information including taxi services, tourist destinations and area maps to help ensure the customer’s stay is an enjoyable yet efficient and informed experience.