The Post Office at Your Service with Quality Leaflet Holders

The first Post Office in the UK was opened nearly 400 years ago by the then monarch, King Charles I, when he expanded his own private mailing system to the general public. Today, the Post Office is the UK’s biggest retailer and although the role of the Post Office is still underpinned by the distribution of mail and parcels, it’s services have grown to include finance, insurance, travel, internet, telecommunication and a number of counter service products – in fact the Post Office now offers in excess of 170 different products and services and additionally, is the biggest provider of foreign currency in the UK.

The modern Post Office today serves on average 41 million customers weekly, through a total of 12,500 branches nationwide in the UK (92% of the UK adult population will visit a Post Office at least once each year). It is perhaps not surprising therefore, that the Post Office is seen by many as a vital element to communities, individuals and small businesses alike and this especially applies to rural towns and villages where transport links to larger towns and cities are irregular.

However, serving communities efficiently when offering such a large array of products and services might present a challenge if it were not for Post Offices throughout the country adopting the services of quality plastic fabricated leaflet holders, most often wall mounted in multi-tiered transparent acrylic form, to ensure maximum visual effect by which product and service information can be seen at a glance by the customer. Without leaflet holders, the task of meeting the diverse everyday needs of the British people would be that much harder and certainly less clear.