Stylish Plastic DL Leaflet Holders

The retail fashion industry is awash with High Street stores bringing you the latest style trends (or at least their interpretation) straight from the catwalks of Paris, Rome, New York and Milan, for a fraction of the designer price tag.

Competition is rife and often leaves fashion chains looking for additional promotions and offers outside of a cut price dress or two, to encourage you to make a purchase and part with your hard earned cash.

Many stores have hooked into the benefits of ‘store cards’, readily offering them to purchasing customers at point of sale, with the added benefit to the customer of receiving a discount of usually anywhere between 10-15 percent off their first purchase when signing up.

Store cards, like credit cards, give the customer readily available borrowing at a specified rate of interest for purchases made in-store, helping you to look your best and totally on-trend whilst giving you the opportunity to delay payment for up to four weeks. Often, the interests rates for store cards on borrowings is set high and with only a minority of consumers clearing their balance to zero each month, stores can look forward to gaining extra valuable revenue.

Signing up to a store card is made simple enough by way of a leaflet sized application form that asks for relevant customer information, as well as aiming to inform them of the schemes terms and conditions. Display of these store card applications is most frequently done at point of purchase, using quality counter top plastic DL leaflet holders, from which the sales assistant will be able to readily point out the apparent benefits of having a store card to the customer.