Premier Perspex Leaflet Holders are a Cut Above

Whilst town’s in the UK have steadily seen numbers of local businesses such as butchers, bakeries and fresh fruit and vegetable shops decline as big grocery chains move in, the business of hair dressing has remained strong on our high streets and this is notable by the large number of salons peppered throughout relatively small locations.

However, whilst the salon has managed to remain a much required facility for local communities, their high number means competition between them is great. Salons cannot just rely on employing qualified staff who are attentive to their customers every whim - if the customer perceives they can achieve the same result for less money at a salon that perhaps doesn’t have quite the same glossy veneer and Indian head massaging hair washers at the sinks, they will not return.

Hair salons need to ensure they deliver value for money across a broad range of hair related services, be it high-lights, low-lights, perms, hair re-designs, colour corrections, blow styling, wedding hair designs and so on. The simplest, yet most cost effective marketing of services can be promoted in leaflet form at till point, using quality perspex leaflet holders. Well thought out and designed leaflets should list the services and products available and at what cost, dependent on the experience of the person undertaking the service.

Till point leaflet holders can further assist sales and marketing efforts by displaying monthly promotions or special offer flyers. Customers may often pick-up such literature whilst paying, taking it home to refer to for next time, or maybe seeing a treatment/service that they wouldn’t have previously considered, willing to give it a go when they next return.