How Leaflet Holders Have Made Their Mark in Supermarkets

Traditionally, supermarkets have dedicated their till points to the visual marketing of confectionary lines with point of sale displays targeted at the ‘pester power’ children’s audience. However, as consumer habits have steadily evolved towards a more health-conscious purchase of food-stuffs, supermarkets too have found it necessary to break with tradition and move with the times.

Hence, the redevelopment of point of sale displays and the addition of leaflet holders at till point can perhaps be seen as a shrewd move on the supermarkets part, as not only does the customer interpret the removal of high calorie, high fat products from impulse purchasing grasp as a clear indication that they shop in a health conscious store that is keen to encourage healthy eating habits in their customers, but also, in replacement of these confectionary promotions has appeared an array of leaflets for more profitable services, such as banking and insurance products, together with high margin yielding woman’s magazines - the school of thought being that whilst the customer is waiting to be served, they will most likely be tempted to pick either a leaflet or magazine from the point of sale display, and probably add it to their basket or trolley.

Bespoke confectionary point of sale displays therefore, although not rendered redundant by any means, can now more often than not be seen replaced in supermarkets at till point by quality leaflet holders, most often mounted along the till side or conveyor belt to ensure the leaflets are visible to the queuing customer for as long a period as possible (confectionary point of sale displays have traditionally been located on the end of till points).