First-Class Leaflet Holders Keep you at the Pumps

There are approximately 9,500 filling stations in the UK serving the fuel needs of drivers across the country, whether it be for regular short journey’s to the local shop and school or long haul freight lorries governed by their ever watchful tachometer.

What ever the distance, one thing is certain; at some point you’ll need to refuel with petrol, diesel or perhaps low pressure gas (LPG) and that of course requires a fuel station.

Once on the forecourt and filling up the tank, more and more fuel stations are looking for ways to retain your business and keep you coming back for more. As with high street retail outlets, filling stations have begun to recognise the power of loyalty cards as a useful tool for brand promotion and customer retention.

Loyalty schemes offer the consumer the chance to earn rewards against pounds spent at the pump. Points earned can be redeemed in a number of ways and aim to offer something for everyone. By collecting a specified quantity of points or vouchers, drivers can get something back, for seemingly nothing. Such items include:

  • Airmiles – the farther the destination, the more reward points required.
  • Fuel vouchers.
  • Gift vouchers for well known high street stores.

These loyalty schemes probably appeal most to those people who are regularly behind the wheel and for whom driving is a large part of their daily routine – lorry drivers, taxi drivers and sales people. Such drivers are likely to get the most out of fuel station loyalty schemes as their mileage will be high, meaning they are frequently needing to refuel and consequently more able to earn reward points and tokens, giving the scheme real apparent value, fast.

The promotion of loyalty schemes is most often achieved by displaying leaflet information at the point of sale, using single counter top acrylic fabricated leaflet holders. It is a simple, low cost, yet incredibly effective way of marketing such schemes, able to catch the eye of the consumer at a glance or whilst they wait in line to pay. It would appear to be a win-win arrangement for all involved – return visits for the filling station and free rewards for the consumer. If only fuel prices weren’t so astronomically high ….