GP Leaflet Holders

The range of Leaflet Holders and Dispensers, poster holders, sign / print and menu holders are versatile enough to be used in almost any retail environment and are used to show off your print and promotional leaflets in the best possible way, whether that’s displaying product, promotional information or just for Branding purposes.

This range of dispensers and holders is made in acrylic, PVC, PETG and High Impact Polystyrene depending upon its use and location. There are mainly two methods of production, injection moulded dispensers and fabricated dispensers. The Injection moulded dispensers are only usually supplied in the main paper sizes A4, A5, 1/3A4 and A6, these can be in landscape and portrait and a standard capacity of around 25-30mm. The fabricated dispensers can be produced to accommodate any size, capacity and material.

Leaflet dispensers are offered in counterstanding, wallmounted , freestanding, zig-zag and slatwall versions to suit the environment and location where they will be used. There are versions for interior and exterior use, they can be multi- purpose or speciality dispensers to hold dual size leaflets or act as lecterns, Magazine and merchandisers displays.

Poster holders are used for displaying single posters printed single or double sided. They can be manufacturer in standard portrait or landscape size in a variety of styles. A large choice of fixing options can be used including wall mounting, keyhole, adhesive, slatwall, suspension, cable and wire accessories. PVC poster holders may be called ticket strips when you want to display product information, pricing or promotional messages .

Sign, print and menu holders are used for displaying promotions, product information and pricing in a store or holding a menu or wine list in a bar or restaurant. They can be in a range of materials, single, double or multi faced and in arrange of materials.