Leaflet Holders Are a Gift

Finding the perfect present for that special someone can often be a tricky business, not in the least bit helped by the seemingly endless range of choice available on the high street. And yet, perhaps the simplest way to say how you feel can be wrapped up in a neat little box in the form of an item of jewellery – maybe some earrings, or even a necklace, and how about the bracelet to match …? Or what about a watch for him (or her), and then there’s the matter of a ring (which is fine just as long as she knows which finger it’s to go on) …? Indeed, jewellery stores across the country are packed full of glittering gems and shiny time-keepers, all keenly waiting to be ‘the best present I’ve ever had’.

So there it is, you’ve picked it out – the perfect present – at last! Yet, there’s another problem. Although you’ve saved your hard earned cash and it’s readily burning a hole in your wallet, it just doesn’t quite seem to match up to the numbers on the price tag. What to do? A dilemma evolves. Do you:

a) Go for the smaller diamond or less function packed watch, potentially disappointing the recipient and leaving them to believe they don’t actually mean as much to you as they had previously thought?


b) Quickly realise that there is in fact no other option open to you other than to sign up to the finance agreement, the monthly payment for which will leave you on bread and water rations for nine months to come, but better that than the alternative ….?

Jewellery stores of course realise this quandary will be experienced in store by customers throughout the land, and are quick to help you in making the right purchase. Somewhere, clearly visible to view, will be a counter top leaflet holder packed full of finance agreements, ready to be completed with your signature on the dotted line, so that your wonderful gift can be tastefully wrapped and delivered hence forth. Good Luck!