Plastic Fabrication of Exceptional Health and Safety Signage

It seems that the modern world has gone health and safety crazy with a seeming plethora of signage required across industries from retail units to building sites, that the law requires to be displayed so as to protect the well-being of employees and the general public whilst at the same time of course, limiting opportunities for liability claims for personal injury and damage on companies and businesses.

It’s a fact – Health and Safety Law equals money - money spent on purchasing the correct signage and updating these in line with revised legislation, money spent on training staff to understand health and safety implications in the workplace including the responsibility of the employee on ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of a safe environment that conforms to legislative requirements, but also of course for the ever increasing number of legal firms all seeking to help you achieve maximum payout on the ever popular ‘no win, no fee’ basis against a business or employer that, in failing to comply with health and safety law, consequently incurs an incident that leaves them wide open to paying legal damages to a claimant.

And so it seems that in order to avoid the worst case scenario court case and claiming injured party, it is imperative that businesses (in the first instance) purchase the health and safety signage appropriate to their industry and business. Such signage covers areas such as health and safety law, assembly point signs, exit signs, first aid signs, hygiene signs, hazard signs and fire extinguisher signs.

Fortunately, health and safety signage is a relatively low cost item to manufacture, using plastic fabrication techniques to produce tough, exceptional quality signs in a material ideally suited to printing due to the plastics’ smooth, level finish. Get the health and safety signage right and business can then take care of itself.