Leaflet Holders for Greeting Card Displays

From ‘Happy New Year’ to ‘Merry Christmas’ and every month in between, it would seem that the greetings card industry has got the year wrapped up – if there isn’t a birthday, christening, new baby or marriage to congratulate, then you can guarantee there’s a ‘special date’ such as Valentines Day or Fathers Day to fill the gap. In fact, if there’s a perceived hole in the market you can be sure the greetings card industry will be coming up with another marketing ploy to encourage you to spend your hard earned cash; take the latest trend of ‘celebrating’ divorce for example, which has further opened up the greetings card market to well-wishers wanting to congratulate parting couples on the annulment of their vows!

In fact, in 2009 the UK greeting card industry had an estimated annual value in excess of 1.7 billion pounds – making it the most successful greeting card industry in the world. It would appear that Britain is a thoughtful nation with, on average, 31 greeting cards being sent per person every year, with women being the main purchaser.

Greeting cards in the UK are stocked in more types of retail outlet than any other products with one out of every six retailers dedicated a proportion of floor or wall space to greeting cards. Thus, with such huge competition for card sales it is vitally important that retailers get their displays right to ensure maximum visual impact at a glance, for the consumer.

The type of display unit purchased will largely depend on the amount of space available and where the display can most effectively be sited. First-class acrylic leaflet holders are usually transparent and can be fabricated in a number of standard designs, including floor standing spinners, countertop displays, wall mounted racks and tiered shelving systems, or can be bespoke made specific to individual retail display requirements.