Acrylic Accessories for Slatwall Footwear Displays

Footwear retail stores use a broad range of point of sale displays for the marketing and promotion of their merchandise, from metal racks to shelving systems and ever inventive bespoke fabricated units. However, an increasingly popular choice for the display of footwear is the ‘slatwall’. Slatwall’s give the retailer a number of benefits in that they can save floor space and reduce the number of point of sale displays required at floor level and can provide the retailer with limitless opportunities to display and arrange merchandise.

Accessories for slatwall’s vary greatly from vinyl or aluminum inserts to acrylic hardware. Vinly or aluminium can however be limiting as they increase the amount of load weight on the slatwall, before merchandise is even added for display. When displaying footwear the ideal accessory choice is acrylic fabricated shelves. Acrylic has become more and more popular over time, replacing traditional wood, glass and metal displays. This is because top quality acrylic shelving can be fabricated at a reasonable low cost, is relatively light in weight, strong and durable, and can be made in a range of colours dependent on specific point of sale display requirements, or may simply be transparent.

Slatwall’s and acrylic shelving accessories is arguably the superior point of sale display method for footwear. Whereas traditional shoe racks line the shoes up in a row from eye line to floor level, acrylic shelving on slatwall’s allow individual shoes to be displayed side on to the customer, allowing for a far greater overall visual impact of the shoe. Furthermore, acrylic shelving for slatwall’s can be regularly repositioned and the point of sale display redesigned, keeping the store looking ‘fresh’ and new and therefore helping maintain the interest of the ever critical consumers eye.