Distinctive POS Displays

Prescription glasses have come a long way since the days of statutory NHS horror frames and bottle tops – thank goodness! Once seen as simply a necessary piece of equipment to improve and correct short or long sighted vision, modern spectacles now offer wearers a vast choice in frame style in designs to suit any shaped face from round to oval to square, available from a number of large chain stores and independent ophthalmic opticians at varying prices, dependent on the customers budget and requirements.

In fact, frame styles today have helped boost the image of the spectacle wearer, with not purely limiting design to the shape of the frame, but also in producing the frames in a broad range of colours and patterns and often also adorned with sparkling crystals and gems for those customers who like a bit of ‘bling’. And the trend setting edge has also been aided by the high number of designer brands all developing their own ranges of frames, emblazoned with their brand name to ensure (presumably) that everyone looking at the wearer surely can surmise that they must possess immense taste and style …

Yet, it is one thing developing an amazing range of glasses for prescription purposes, but once the stock is in store it is essential to the successful sale of them that opticians display their goods in a visually impacting way that grabs the potential buyers attention and makes it easier for them to choose their frames – not an easy thing to do for most when presented with a seeming sea of metal and plastic to choose from. Additionally, opticians need ensure that the POS display method is striking in appearance, accentuating the quality and style of the frames, helping the customer believe that they are in a trend setting, on the cutting edge kind of shop.

This can be achieved by using distinctive POS display systems, often plastic fabricated in styles to suit current trends and store image. These can be made as either floor standing units or wall mounted and often opticians will select a mix of both, separating stock across the store into mens, womens, childrens and unisex designs.