Durable Leaflet Holders at Craft Fairs

There are hundreds of craft fairs taking place every week across the UK that will vary in size from small village hall venues to large exhibition centres and conference halls. Many even take place in marquees in the grounds of stately homes or historic settings and are usually an annual fixture on the local area events calendar, pulling in high numbers of visitors to the locale.

There will be a broad range of crafts displayed at these fairs in a variety of media hopefully offering something of interest to everyone including glass, woodworking, ceramics, jewellery, papercrafts, textiles, toys, clothes, paintings, food crafts and sculpture. Quite often these will be one-off pieces or designs carefully made using traditional techniques long forgotten by today’s bulk output, low cost manufacturing culture.

The people presenting at craft fairs will be proud of their creations and keen to discuss with the general public the intricacies of them, where their materials are sourced from, and how long it has taken them to produce them, of course ultimately hoping they will sell as many as possible on the day.

But what happens once the event has finished and the last customer has gone home? Crafts people need to encourage return purchasers and promote their goods through carefully thought out literature, often best suited to leaflet form flyers. These leaflets can be displayed throughout the day using single counter-top plastic or cardboard leaflet holders, providing artisans with an excellent marketing tool for their bespoke craft gems.