A Clear Vision with Acrylic Leaflet Holders

Choosing an optician to care for your ophthalmic needs may seem a daunting task with many elements to consider, from the cost of the initial eye test to what level of aftercare you can expect once you’ve made your purchase.

Opticians have a broad range of services that aim to cater for their customers every eye care need. When buying a new pair of glasses there are many decisions to be made, starting of course with the style of frame after which you’ll will need to decide on lens type including such choices as whether they are tinted or clear, scratch protected or not. Many glass wearers also opt to use contact lenses and, as with glass frames, there is a wide range of brands to choose from and it may be that the wearer tries several different types first before settling on the most suitable brand for them.

Opticians support their customers by providing a variety of information in leaflet form, displayed in store using quality plastic fabricated leaflet holders, either wall mounted, floor standing or counter-top, depending on the size of the opticians and the number of services they can provide. These leaflets will cover information such as:

  • Advice for contact lense wearers e.g. which lense type may be suitable for them (daily disposables, monthly wear, overnight wear etc), the solutions required and aftercare plans.
  • Special offers e.g. 2 for the price of 1 pair of glasses, or half price frame deals.
  • Eye test advice – how often the test should be undertaken and at what cost.
  • About prescription sunglasses or sun reacting glasses.
  • General information about eye health and how to maintain healthy eyes.
  • Laser eye surgery – the pros and cons.
  • Driving and the law.
  • Age and eyesight information.

Additionally, some opticians also extend their services to provide hearing care in the form of hearing tests and hearing aids, along with aftercare that provides customers with ongoing support and advice. Information leaflets covering these needs will also be displayed in-store and with first-class plastic leaflet holders customers can easily select the information pertinent to their needs, whilst at the same time leaflet holder displays provide opticians with an excellent, cost effective method of marketing their services and products.