Go Camping with Sturdy DL Leaflet Holders

Camping in the UK has, over recent years, increased considerably in popularity as families and groups of holiday-makers alike look to cheaper alternatives to cater for their rest and relaxation needs.

But it’s not just the cost factor that has lead to the rising number of people looking to pitch a tent instead of booking a package holiday overseas. There are other great benefits to consider – no waiting for hours at the airport whilst being ripped off in the restaurant, no lengthy transfer times on a bus driven by a raging lunatic seemingly set on taking all passengers over the edge of every steep incline, no kids screaming because they’re too hot, too tired, too bored ....! Instead, the relative calm and peace found on thousands of campsites throughout the country can instantly melt away the stress and tiredness as the kids happily play in an open field and you wrestle to erect the tent that seemed to only take you half an hour when you were in your back garden, but now with numerous curious eyes upon you, blazing into your sweating back as you try to remember which pole goes where and ...........

Where was I? Oh yes, relaxation, that’s what camping is all about and it’s all been helped of late by the additional benefit of the increasingly cool kit to be purchased – camping, it would seem, is no longer the staple of geeks and nerds with sensible walking boots and wide brimmed hats. In fact, some might say camping is Where It’s At!

And so, you’ve arrived and are checking in with the ever so helpful site receptionist who is readily assigning you to your very own piece of turf. You receive your instructions on the camping do’s and don’ts and then, from out of a carefully presented counter-top plastic DL leaflet holder, the kindly receptionist swiftly picks a ‘site map’ to send you on your way, safe in the knowledge that you are so totally informed of the location of all the site facilities, that she will only need see you again as you swing by the gates, packed up, happily exhausted and ready to take on the real world again.