Acrylic Leaflet Holders and Your Big Day

So, he asked you to marry him and of course you said yes, but now the all important ‘Big Day’ looms and - wow - is there a lot to organise! You’d be forgiven perhaps for thinking the whole wedding thing was orchestrated by some marketing guru, with a single vision of boosting high street sales, all keen to cash in on your romantic adventure.

Needless to say, there’s much to consider when planning a wedding, not least of all where Aunt Betty’s going to sit (remember what happened at Christmas with the bottle of Baileys ….), and so it’s just as well perhaps that there are a seemingly limitless number of wedding services available from both large chain stores and smaller independents, designed to take the pressure off the ever particular bride and almost just as nervous groom.

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK coming in at somewhere between £15-20,000, is it any wonder that stores are keen to provide an all encompassing service, catering for every possible need from collating the gift list (content of which they have a great stock of), the planning intricacies of the day (the invites, the cake, the decorations, the insurance …), the outfits (including the make-up and the hair of course), the ‘Thank-You s’, the flowers, the wine – the list goes on and on, and that’s before you’ve even got to the honeymoon!

And so, with such as long list of goodies to get, and with stores attempting to secure as much of that business as possible, it is necessary for wedding service departments to display their offerings in an eye catching manner, that will immediately grab the attention of the bride and groom – the potential consumer. The display of wedding services leaflets can be best achieved by the use of first-class leaflet holders, positioned to achieve maximum visual impact, in a style that fits the space available whilst not compromising on design. A happy wedding day is one that runs like a well-oiled machine (and that’s no reference to Aunt Betty!).